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A Long Story Short

Girardi's Kabob King -Keansburg Amusement Park NJ 2000
 Girardi's Kabobs at Keansburg Amusement Park 2018
Mike Girardi, Mom & Pop Girardi June 1997 Morgan Marina NJ
After obtaining a food peddlers license in NYC under the " Veteran of War " requirement, Pop Girardi was on his way to providing his hotdogs and kabobs on the streets of New York. His hotdog cart was located outside of Madison Square Garden in the early years and served many in the streets of New York. He then moved the cart to Francis Lewis Blvd in Queens NY where he was surrounded by 2 high Schools . Pop by nature would give away more food then he would sell to the kids in the area.
After several years and wear and tear on Pop and his wagon, His son Mike Girardi would bring the cart to his home in New Jersey and refurbish it and give it a second life. The cart would make its first apperence on the Jersey Shore at a Marina, where is would serve Jet Skiers and Boaters as it was close to a boat /jet ski launch.
A great opportunity would arise to relocate the wagon to America's oldest amusement park known as Keansburg Amusement Park in Keansburg NJ. The park never had at that time "water based cooked Sabrett Hotdogs".  Girardi's introduced that food product to the park in 1997. Pop Girardi would visit and said that a "Kabob" would be well recieved as its the"perfect walking food". The next day a small grill was placed on the cart. That small grill would be replaced by three grills the next day as our Kabobs out sold the hotdogs 10 to 1. We sold the first " dirty water dog "and first Kabob that year . Girardi's Kabobs were reborn that day through opportunity and Pops spirit of serving others.
Today Pops Spirit  lives through Girardi's Kabobs and his son Mike serving Fair, Festival, Special events and Carnivals all over New Jersey.